New Cookbook (!) from Smitten Kitchen

I have been penny-pinching madly since we bought and moved into our new home this summer.  I am taking great pleasure in tiny rewards, so, after paying off a sizeable chunk of my credit card balance last week, I bought myself this.  It’s full of things I will rarely/never cook – my husband and I are both vegetarians, he’s lactose intolerant so sour cream is out – but also of things I can’t wait to try: new granola recipe!  A whole chapter of fun new salads!  Besides, I just like reading cookbooks, and this one is full of gorgeous photos.  Smitten Kitchen is my (and everybody’s) favourite food blog.  If you want to give yourself a present that really shows how much you love yourself, you might want to consider this book.


4 thoughts on “New Cookbook (!) from Smitten Kitchen

  1. Hmm! Looks great. But I nearly clicked on that blog link when I went “noooo! All I need is to start following food blogs now!” I’m looking forward to reading your always entertaining, well written and insightful stories though.

  2. I adore Smitten Kitchen…the triple berry cake is TO DIE FOR. I made the whole-lemon bars from the book a couple weeks ago, and MAGNIFICENT. It made me try whole-lime bars. Didn’t work. But I love cookbooks that inspire me to experiment. Sigh. All her food is gorgeous and delicious. Yay!

    • I made the grapefruit pound cake from the cookbook and I think it will be my go-to cake for the near future…I am especially in awe of her skill w/ the camera. It makes me want to try making EVERYTHING, even the meat dishes…

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