A Question About Losing Weight the Wrong Way


Let’s say you wanted to lose a small amount of weight.  Let’s say, oh, seven pounds.

Let’s say that you had recently lost a lot of weight and kept it all off for a couple of years, but due to recent very stressful life events – like, say, finding your first home and negotiating a mortgage and buying said home and moving to said home and repairing said home – you’d put a few pounds back on and would just like to take them off again please.

Let’s say you had a lot less money than you used to – because of, say, the extreme financial smack in the head you had suffered due to recent purchase and repair of home – and so could not afford to re-join the effective but expensive weight-loss program that had helped you take off and keep off the aforementioned large amount of weight.

Would any of this be an excuse for indulging in the kind of weight-loss program – say, some sort of protein-shake-based or ultra-low-carb or jackfruit-only type thing – that you previously would have just rolled your eyes at?  A program that you know is insane but that might result in short-term weight loss?  Is there any hope in hell that you could take weight off with such a method and then keep it off by returning to the healthier habits you had established through aforementioned expensive but effective program?

I would like to hear others’ experience of such scenarios.  Please leave your thoughts!

Image by Sanja Gjenero


3 thoughts on “A Question About Losing Weight the Wrong Way

  1. The problem is “returning to the healthier habits.” Quick fixes are generally not conducive to returning and are probably not even good as quick fixes. For me, they have always left me bingeing for really really bad food. Don’t remind me the great Chocodile Massacre of 2003 when trying to get my baby-weight off. 😉

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