Granola, Wheat Berries, and a Wall-Eyed Cat

As I mentioned the other day, I love Deb Perelman’s new cookbook.  However, I’m beginning to suspect that her oven is much cooler (in a literal, temperature sense) than mine.  I finally got around to making the Big Cluster Maple Granola (with agave instead of maple, as I still haven’t replaced the syrup that crystallized into sugar), but after 20 minutes in the oven (she calls for 45-55 minutes), it looked like this:

Cat A wants some.

Cat A wants some.

Too brown!  Nevertheless, I’ve been snacking on bits of it as it cools, and it’s tasty – not too sweet, with a touch of salt.  I will stir in some cranberries.

In a culinary adventure from earlier today, I decided I wanted to sprout something.  The only suitable thing in my pantry was wheat berries.


The site I used for instructions promises these will be ready within a couple of days.  I’m getting a bit tired of my delicious but increasingly standard salad of wheat berries, chick peas and feta, so I’m hoping sprouting will jazz it up a bit.

All this activity – I haven’t even mentioned the afternoon spent finally beginning to organize my office, which, six months after our move, is still almost entirely in boxes – is serving to distract me from the fact that Cat A’s eye seemed to be healing just fine, but we took him to the doctor yesterday, and the doctor told us to continue a treatment we thought was finished, and today, his eye doesn’t seem so fine any more.


We don’t care for this doctor much – we always hope we’ll get the other one when we go to the clinic – and this latest development does nothing to change our minds.

Nevertheless: the family gifts are wrapped, another batch of papers is graded (only 1 class left to go), and now that I’ve tidied his table, Ferny seems much happier.


Is it time to buy a real camera?

Tomorrow is Monday, and I don’t have to get up at 5 a.m.  The cat will be fine.  The granola will be fine.  Let it snow.


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