Name That Flower


Flowers are coming up in my garden, but I don’t know what they are.  Can you help me?

Is this a daffodil?  It seems to have an unusual, flat, upright shape.



Is this a dogwood?


What about this little blue guy?



And what is this strange creature?  Is it a hyacinth?  Why does it look so naked?


In other news: the tomatoes went into their pots yesterday.  They are still a bit spindly and unsure of themselves, but they seem more relaxed.


The lettuce and spinach are doing great!



However, I’m afraid the rapini might be suffering from damping off.  It’s falling over and not growing well, although it has finally developed some true leaves.


I got some living chives in my last CSA basket, so I separated and re-potted them.  It was a tedious business, but they look good!


And finally, because I have too many poblano seedlings, I’ve decided to turn one into a houseplant.




11 thoughts on “Name That Flower

  1. What fun! Congratulations; you have finally made it to spring. 🙂
    The first plant is a daffodil; I don’t know the variety, but you could check or the American Daffodil Society website, which has an identification guide. The second and third plants, I’m not sure. I would have guessed the dogwood was a forsythia, but I’ve never grown shrub dogwoods so I don’t know their habits. The fourth, the yellow guy, is a hyacinth. It looks naked because the flowers haven’t opened yet; it will look better when they do.
    You could pot up the rapini seedlings that are doing well, now that they have their true leaves. That might help avoid damping off if the others in the pot are succumbing. It sometimes helps to put a light mulch of gravel, chicken grit, or etc (a non-organic mulch) on seedlings to help cut down on damping off. The plants can usually push through such a mulch.
    Have a wonderful week in the garden!

    • Thx MHM! I have no idea what dogwoods OR forsythia look like, except that dogwoods have red arms, so I figured it was possible. I will see what happens w/ the rapini – they are all quite spindly, so if these guys don’t make it I might start over w/ a new pot…Thanks for your keen eye!

  2. Hi! The little blue one is Blue-eyed grass, I’m pretty sure. I’ll be having some mystery flowers sprout up soon, too, let me know if you find any great sites that could help me ID them. (Or I’ll send you photos, maybe you’ll know!)

  3. Thanks for the comment about Facebook Garden 911. I had no idea there was such a sight. I have some stuff in my yard that I’ve been debating back and forther over – weed, or flower? 🙂

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