The State of the Garden: May 10, 2013

Spring in a new house with a garden is very exciting.  Here’s how things look today.

I believe these little guys are violas.  Here they are in the morning, still asleep.  When they wake up, they have white faces with tiny purple freckles, like they were made in the ice cream machine with a purple vanilla bean.

violasBleeding hearts have always been one of my favourites; I was delighted to find them blooming in the corner early in the week.  Cat A is a very subtle photobomber.


The tulips and daffodils were sparse.  I think I cut their foliage down too soon last summer.  Even now, though, they’re pretty.


I pruned the lilac tree too vigorously in the fall, but we are still getting plenty of blooms.  I like the tree a little less showy.


lilactreeAs for the vegetable garden, things are happening!  We’re expecting a couple of cold nights this weekend, so I’m concerned, but I have a floating row cover and will keep my fingers crossed.


veggarden2The zucchinis and cucumbers went in last week; they looked resentful at first, but are starting to come around.  The zukes have already grown themselves a bunch of calendula friends.  The beans are coming up (must thin them today), and the poblanos (seen here with chard babies) are doing GREAT.  The onions…well, they didn’t get a good start but a few of them have toughed it out; I’m proud of them no matter what happens.


beanspoblanosonionsThe peas are doing a heck of a job.

peasAs are the tomatoes, in their little walled community.

tomatoesI thought I’d killed the rasberries, but here they come!

raspberriesAs for the bacony garden, it is coming along.  The rapini (which was worrying me) and lettuce in particular are doing great.


lettuceYesterday, I bought my first seedling: a rosemary plant.  Today it’s hanging out with a tray of sage and some chive embryos.

rosemarysagechivesActually, wait – a pot of chives did show up in my CSA box, so I guess that counts as buying a seedling, too.  Those guys are doing great, as is the spinach, even though I’ve already picked it a bit too clean.

chivesspinachWhat am I looking forward to most?  Hard to say, but maybe the many kinds of basil.

basilsI’ve found that when you garden, every morning feels like Christmas.  I wake up wondering: what gifts will the universe bring me today?

That said, it’s been a lucky spring so far…wish me courage for the cold snap, and tell me what’s happening in your garden.


3 thoughts on “The State of the Garden: May 10, 2013

  1. What fun! Your plants look great. I agree; every morning in the garden is like Christmas morning. In my garden, iris season is peaking; I need to start cleaning up their mess. Roses are coming along to take their place. Weeds are lush because it’s been raining nonstop for about two weeks. Have a great weekend in your garden!

    • Thx MHM! I have been lazy about the early cleanup. I spent Thursday evening chopping the heads off dandelions because we don’t have time to root them out right now…and everything needs mulch. The next couple of days will be too cold and wet for gardening – here’s hoping for a bright sunshiny weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness, the memories of decades ago when I lived in Longueuil. The huge lilac bush beside the house where Miss Hazel K. Cross (first grade teacher) lived. And the time our dog, Major, ran back and forth between the bleeding hearts in Mrs. Wakem’s back yard, shredding them. Thank you for the photos and the memory prompts.

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