June 9, 2013: The State of the Garden

bouquetThe end of my semester has been insane.  There have been an unprecedented number of student grade complaints; a gruelling two-week contract marking public exams; a major MEd project; a minor renovation that’s turned into a major, expensive, headachey one; and, not insignificantly, two straight weeks of cold, pounding rain.

But today it’s sunny and I have no work to do and no one is tearing, hammering or plastering in my house.  Here’s where I spent my morning.


The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and poking at the garden.  The gooseneck loosestrife are coming up beautifully.


A nice surprise: lemon balm has appeared in the back yard.


The zucchini made its first flower!


The tomatoes are also beginning to bloom…


…and the peas.


The zucchini is actually starting to scare me a bit.


I should probably thin out the raspberries.


All in all, despite having nearly drowned, today it’s a very happy little garden.



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