More Firsts for June

June is almost at an end.  It’s been cold and rainy – today it’s once again 15 degrees Celsius and pouring – but the garden is soldiering on.  Here are a few highlights.

First cucumber flower (June 23):


First poblano pepper flower (June 23) (I know, it’s blurry.  Even this imperfect shot took FOREVER to get):


First chocolate mint harvest (June 24)…


…which went into the iced coffee you see here, part of a satisfyingly gardeny lunch.  The salad contains all sorts of garden clippings, as well as a saute of fresh-picked zucchini and zuke blossoms.  The coffee was THE BEST ICED COFFEE EVER.


First strawberry (June 25) (I ate it a couple of days later, when it was much redder but still not quite ripe enough):


First green beans (June 25):


First carrot (June 27) (!!!!).  Don’t be fooled; this carrot is TINY, but it is a harbinger of big things to come, I’m sure:



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