In July 2012, my husband and I bought our first house.  The house is old, and cranky, and tired.  It needs a lot of love.

Can I give it the love it needs?

Let’s find out together.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. There’s nothing like a home to get the juices flowing – to bring out every ounce of ability one has to coordinate ideas, colours and textures, whether in a very loose or a very structured way. It’s also a commitment that leads to a financial responsibility that can be difficult and a pleasure at the same time.
    The word ‘home’ brings to mind words like atmosphere, warmth, refuge, memories, traditions,and love. My home is part of our family, it has seen our trials, tribulations, good times and bad… We care about it and it’s surroundings. It has done good by us in protecting and sheltering us from the wild weather of Newfoundland. After thirty-seven years we can say we fiinally say we have the structure and rooms completed…. well, maybe not quite..!!
    I’m looking forward to your new blog and all the insight you have from facing the responsibility of creating a ‘home’!!

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